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Craig Newmark

Founder, Craigslist

Craig NewmarkJessica speaks with Craig Newmark, the founder of craigslist, a popular on-line bulletin board that Craig started as a hobby in the mid 1990s. The site has grown from a total of 12 users to over ten million visitors per month, and provides information for over 200 cities world wide.

While sites similar to craigslist have sold for hundreds of millions of dollars to the large media conglomerates, craigslist has remained true to Craig’s original values by remaining mostly independent and community-service based. The site charges a minimal amount for job and real estate listings, but is free to all its users. A visitor won’t find colorful pop-up or banner ads; the site is “puritan” in its aesthetics, which adds to the no nonsense, authentic vibe that Craig established in the early days.