A Show about the Entrepreneurial Life

Vinnie Bharara and Marc Lore

Co-Founders, Diapers.com

Vinnie Bharara and Marc LoreMarc and Vinnie have been close friends since they were elementary school classmates in New Jersey. Mark and Vinnie spent their earlier careers in finance and law respectively, before becoming business partners in their late twenties. In addition to Diapers.com, the online retail site specializing in baby products, they have started a number of other e-commerce businesses including Soap.com, focused on cleaning supplies, Wag.com, focused on pet products, and Yoyo.com, specializing in toys. Amazon bought the parent company, Quidsi, for $540 Million in 2010. Quidsi is based in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Marc and Vinnie speak with Jessica about how they built their e-commerce businesses, from scratch.

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